Best Lawyers In Arizona To Get Free Consultation Now!

Looking for the best lawyers in Arizona? Are you facing legal issues? While so many individuals are overwhelmed and scared everyone has right to peaceful night sleep without the worry of legal procedures.

That's when finding the best attorney in Arizona according to your needs becomes crucial. Thinking about your needs, we compiled a large list of Arizona attorneys, so you can contact the right one for you.

Best Arizona lawyers: Free consultation to evaluate your legal case with open offices 24/7!

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While there are around 15,601 licensed Arizona attorneys, let's focus on those who are the best for free initial consultation.

1. Aaron Michael Black

Aaron is an Arizona lawyer, located in Phoenix, expert in terms criminal defense, but focused on DUI & DWI. So in the event you're facing charges by Driving Under Influence, then you can get a free consultation with Aaron.

  • Practice areas: Criminal law, DUI & DWI.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 729-1683.
  • Address: 4702 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85018.
  • Website:

2. Paula J. Burnstein

Paula is one of the AZ attorneys with over 20 years of experience in terms of family law, she has locations in Phoenix and Periora.

3. Michael Throneberry

With over 17 years helping his clients who have been victims of asbestos exposure, not only with offices in Arizona, but nationwide.

4. Kari R. Meyrose

Kari belongs to an Arizona law and business firm with 6 offices in Arizona. She focuses on helping clients on elder and business law.

  • Practice areas: Business law, elder law, estate planning, probate.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 729-6211.
  • Address: 5635 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250-5945.
  • Website:

5. Ayensa Millan

Ms. Ayensa is the managing attorney at CIMA LAWUGROUP, a law firm located in Phoenix, AZ. She's expert on litigation and immigration law.

6. Michelle "Shelley" Behan

Ms. Michelle is the founder of the Behan Law Group, she was awarded the 2015 Tucson Women’s Commission Rising Star Award. His office is located in Tucson, AZ, and she is expert in helping clients in matters of DUI and criminal defense.

  • Practice areas: Criminal law, DUI & DWI, white collar crime, juvenile law, appeals & appellate, traffic tickets, domestic violence, cannabis & marijuana law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (520) 220-5047.
  • Address: 945 N. Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ, 85705.
  • Website:

7. Fabian Zazueta

Mr. Zazueta is the owner of Zazueta Law, PLLC, he is used to provide legal advice to his clients on a variety of litigation issues in state and federal court.

  • Practice areas: Real estate law, business law, landlord tenant, personal injury.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 210-1609.
  • Address: 8245 North 85th Way, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258.
  • Website:

8. John Kelly

Mr. John assists victims of in a wide range of personal injuries cases in Phoenix, AZ, you can reach him 24/7 for a free initial consutlation.

9. Matthew Fendon

Mr. Fendon is the founder of the Matt Fendom Law Group, he helps his clients since 2001 in workers' compensation and social security disabilities. He's also rated with 10.0("Superb") by Avvo.

  • Practice areas: Workers' compensation, social security disability.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (800) 229-3880.
  • Address: 1601 N. 7th Street, Suite 330, Phoenix, AZ 85006.
  • Website:

10. Jonathan Joseph Goebel

Mr. Jonathan has been a trial attorney for over 15 years and he's focused in dealing all kinds of criminal cases in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Practice areas: Criminal law, DUI & DWI, white collar crime, traffic tickets, juvenile law, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 571-8307.
  • Address: 404 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282.
  • Website:

11. John Leader

Mr. Leader is an experienced Tucson personal injury lawyer, with more than 30 years of experience, who offers 24/7 free consultation.

  • Practice areas: Personal injury and nursing home abuse.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (520) 575-9040.
  • Address: 405 W. Cool Drive, Tucson, AZ, 85704.
  • Website:

12. Rich J. Peters

Mr. Rich offers video calls to assist his clients, he focused in helping clients in family law since 1992. he's also been recognized as one of top 10 Attorneys by National Academy Of Family Law Attorneys in 2018.

  • Practice areas: Divorce, family law, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (855) 720-7575.
  • Address: 1422 N 2nd St Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ, 85004.
  • Website:

13. Stephen R Glazer

Since 2002, criminal defense lawyer Stephen Glazer has successfully defended thousands of clients in all areas of criminal law, in both state and federal courts throughout northern Arizona. You can reach him 24/7.

  • Practice areas: Criminal law, domestic violence, DUI & DWI.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (928) 213-5916.
  • Address: 114 N. San Francisco St., Ste 100, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.
  • Website:

14. Alison C. Briggs

She's been part of The My AZ Lawyers firm since 2016, and she's over 7 years of experience helping people in terms of family law.

  • Practice areas: Family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, juvenile.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 833-8000.
  • Address: 1731 West Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85202.
  • Website:

15. Brandy Ramsay

Brandy has helped Arizona families with family law issues for over 15 years. She's been rated as 10 best female attorney by the 2018 in terms of client satisfaction.

16. Scott David Stewart

Mr. Stewart is the founder of Stewart Law Group, he's a Phoenix family law attorney and he's been rated as 10.0 by Avvo representing family law clients.

  • Practice areas: Family law, divorce, estate planning, probate, criminal law, dui & dwi, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 548-3400.
  • Address: 777 E Thomas Rd Ste 210, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.
  • Website:

17. Dwane Cates

Dwane is a certified criminal law specialist in Phoenix Arizona. He's also one of the most known lawyers in the country, as a result of being frequently guested on several TV and radio shows. 

Mr. Cates now only accepts a limited number of felony cases, such as homicides.

  • Practice areas: Criminal law, domestic violence, dui & dwi, juvenile law, white collar crime.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (855) 966-3378.
  • Address: 4425 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85016.
  • Website:

18. Brian Chase

Mr. Brian focuses his law knowledge in criminal defense and personal injury matters. He's a score of 10.0 by Avvo and his office is on Tucson, AZ.

  • Practice areas: Dui & dwi, criminal law, personal injury, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (520) 477-2767.
  • Address: 115 W. Washington St, Tucson, AZ, 85701.
  • Website:

19. Eric Slepian

Eric Slepian is a former judge who founded his law firm in 1978. He focuses on helping clients throughout Phoenix, Arizona, in terms of social security disability law, but his experience is not limited to business & corporate law, as well as construction litigation.

  • Practice areas: Social security disability.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 266-3111.
  • Address: 3737 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.
  • Website:

20. William D. Bishop

William D. Bishop has over 30 years of experience in law matters. He founded law firm Bishop, Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office, P.C. His specialty area is the family law and is certified by the State Bar Of Arizona Board Of Legal Specialization.

  • Practice areas: Divorce, family law, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 749-8500.
  • Address: 7210 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85020.
  • Website:

21. Patrick Sampair

Mr. Patrick has been helping thousands of clients  for over 39  years,  throughout the State Of Arizona, who have been facing family law situations. When it comes to hiring Patrick Sampair, you can have the peace of mind that you're in the right hands, since he's also rated as top lawyer by Avvo.

22. Christopher Zachar

If you've been injuried by an accident in Phoenix, Arizona, you can think of Zachar as a specialist in handling for over 30 years personal injury and wrongful death cases. In fact, he was able to get verdicts of up to $47 million.

  • Practice areas: Medical malpractice, personal injury.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: 602-962-8610.
  • Address: 714 E Rose Ln, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.
  • Website:

23. Stewart Salwin

Mr. Stewart is a Scottsdale criminal defense attorney, graduate from Harvard Law School, who has over 10 years practicing the criminal law on behalf of his clients.

  • Practice areas: DUI & DWI, and criminal law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 389-4296.
  • Address: 7702 E Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258.
  • Website:

24. Andre L. Pennington

Andre Pennington is a federal and military lawyer in Arizona. The American Institute Of Trial Lawyers recognized Andre as litigator of the year in 2021, so you can think of Pennington as the best lawyer in Arizona for litigation.

  • Practice areas: Guardianships/conservatorships, estate litigation, estate administration, trusts, wills, and estate planning.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (623) 229-0463.
  • Address: 15331 W. Bell Rd, Ste. 318, Surprise, AZ, 85374.
  • Website:

25. Silas Shultz

Mr. Shultz was one of the best attorneys in Arizona and on behalf of fortune 500 companies in high-profile cases. As a side note, he's also recognized by The worldwide legal directory Martindale-Hubbell by demostrating the highest standard in the legal career.

  • Practice areas: Personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (520) 577-7777.
  • Address: 1980 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85719.
  • Website:

26. Colin Bell

Mr. Collin has been awarded as Client's choice in 2020 by Avvo. He's practice area is focused in criminal law and he's the first Tombstone resident to be sworn into the practice of law in Arizona.

  • Practice areas: Bankruptcy, criminal law, DUIi & DWI, domestic violence.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 562-1000.
  • Address: 777 E Thomas Rd. #150, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.
  • Website:

27. Joseph D'Aguanno

Joseph has been someone focused on securing the maximum compensations of his clients as a trial lawyer, but what's more amazing is that even when his firm has secured over $275 million in terms of in personal injury and negligent practice cases, you won't have to pay for fees unless your legal issue has been settled.

  • Practice areas: Wrongful death and personal injury.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 258-0646.
  • Address: 2525 E Arizona Biltmore Cir #A114, Phoenix, AZ, 85016.
  • Website:

28. Diane L. Drain

Ms. Diane has an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell as "exemplary reputation and well-established practice". She's focused on helping clients who face a bankruptcy situation.

  • Practice areas: Bankruptcy, consumer law class action, lemon law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (602) 246-7106.
  • Address: 2375 East Camelback, Phoenix, AZ, 85016.
  • Website:

29. Marcus N. Seiter

Marcus is an expert lawyer in terms of estate planning. For over 20 years he's been helping clients in the financial industry and is has a score of 8.0 by Avvo.

  • Practice areas: Estate planning.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (480) 345-3300.
  • Address: 960 W Elliot Rd Ste 114 Tempe, AZ 85284.
  • Website:


Many people think they can't afford an experienced attorney when it comes to facing legal issues, however you've seen already where you can find lawyers in Arizona so you can get a free initial case evaluation.

Best Arizona attorneys FAQs

How much does a lawyer cost in Arizona?

The fees for law professionals in Arizona range from $150 - $300 per hour.

How can I get free legal advice in Arizona?

In the event you need free legal assistance, you can reach to SALA(Southern Arizona Legal Aid) at 520) 623-9461, since they provide legal advice to low income individuals.

Best Lawyers In Arizona To Get Free Consultation Now!
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Best Lawyers In Arizona To Get Free Consultation Now!
While there are around 15,601 licensed Arizona attorneys, let's focus on those who are the best for free initial consultation.
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