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where to hire employees small business

When it comes to hiring employees, you'd want the best team members to join your company, because it could turns out in best productivity and growth for your enterprise. Keep reading!

Because of that, we'll show you here where to find employees to hire according to your business needs! Let's kick this off!

Best hiring websites for employers

The following job posting sites will allow you to find relevant candidates with the qualities or requirements of the ideal profile you are seeking for:

1. Hiring Room

Hiring Room it's a software plaform where you can sign up for free and start recruiting your potential candidates. Some benefits are:

  • You can use custom emails for each stage of your recruitment process.
  • Automated reminder so you can guarantee the candidate job interview date.
  • Feedback on both directions, by the interviewee and interviewer.

It's worth to mention that with this platform you can even create your own job bank portal.

2. LocalWork.com

If you have a local business and you want to expand your staff, then LocalWork.com is the perfect platform so you can post your local job offer. 

This platform has the porpuse to connect local job seekers with employers. You can use its free 14-day trial and if you think this fit your needs, then you can chose one of their three pricce plans:

  • $129: This plan allows you to have up to 3 active job posts.
  • $199: Use this plan if you need to publish 5 job vacancies.
  • Unlimited plan: In the event you have several job offers, then you can request a demo to try this option, with the added value on having a dedicated key account manager.

3. Indeed

Perhaps you already know this free job posting site, but be that as it may, this online recruitment tool, helps you find the right talent in an easy way, by only creating an account for free, create your job offer and publish immediately.

Why to trust them?

Many companies such as Mcdonald's and Nokia, use Indeed to ease their talent adquisition process.


Automate your hiring process in a faster way,  by showcasing your company with VIVAHR, a platform to publish your job description on the best job posting sites at the same time.

The best part:

Not only you can post your job offers over 50 job sites simultaneously, but this platform provides you with a free job description template and aesthetic landing pages, so you can better catch your candidates attention!

5. Facebook

Yes, Facebook is a social network where you can't only interact with new people, but also it's one of  the best free job posting sites, since you can join also to several job groups on Facebook with the porpuse to publish for free your job offer and find potential candidates for your company.

Why you should use Facebook to find candidates?

The reason is more than obvious, and it's because Facebook has million users, many of them are seeking for job and they're free access candidates(You can reach more job seekers by paying advertisement on Facebook too).

In addition, job seekers can subscribe to job near them alerts through Facebook to get notified when you post a new job proposal.

6. Linkedin

Linkedin is one of the best social networking sites for recruiting, since you can see valuable information of every single Linkedin user in terms of education, achievements, job experiences, licenses and certifications, skills and endorsements, interests and even personal references or testimonials about the potential candidates found on this social network.

Thanks to the fact that you can see all these personal data about users on LinkedIn, in case you see a profile that match the characteristics you are seeking for in your ideal candidate, you can connect with them by sending them an invitation and at the same time a direct message to their private inbox.

You can even publish your job posts on LinkedIn and when users get notified about your job opening, the related  profiles will be able to send their application easily.

7. Reddit

If you are located in US and you need candidates for tech roles, then you could consider Reddit as one of the best social networks to start hiring employees for your small business or even for a big one.

8. ZipRecruiter

The ZipRecruiter website, couldn't miss on this list, due to the fact that you can post your job opening quickly through creating a free account.

In the event you want to get done your employees search as soon as possible, then you'd want to try the machine technology of ZipRecruiter and reach the highest qualified applicants, according to your needs.

You can also try the sponsored reach feature of ZipRecruiter to target your ideal candidate profile with your job opportunity.

Are you using any Applicant Tracking System(ATS)?

If you answered yes, then integrate it with the ZipRecruiter platform to easily receive your candidates right in your ATS!

9. Learn4Good

Learn4Good provides you with 28 credits for each account which allows you to publish up to 28 job posts, in a lot of industries. You can advertise for free or use the enhanced placement feature by paying fee.

Leverage its potential to custom your candidate filters and speed up your talent acquisition process!

10. Google for jobs

You can take advantage of the organic traffic that you can receive from Google without paying advertisement and show your job postings published on your website in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs).

Millon internet users perform job search on Google and because of that, you'd like to leverage all of this potential audience who search for specific keyword  related to a specific job description.

How can you achieve this?

That first thing that you will need is to publish your job openings on your website, then add structured data to your job postings so you can help Google to easily understand  what iis your content about. Keep in mind that the use of structured data is free, you'd need some coding knowledege to do so.

11. Optnation

Finding employees for entry level and temporary jobs across USA is possible through registering an account with Optnation

it doesn't matter if you own a small or big company, this platform in addition to boosting the careers for international students, will help you get the best talent for your team.

This is the craziest part:

You can post your job for free!

12. Simply Hired

If you decide to sign up with SimplyHired, you can receive $25.00 to perform the hire of your next employee. 

You can have the peace of mind on you will paying only for qualified candidates and you can start posting your job for free.

13. Jobrapido

When it comes to online job market, Jobrapido is one of the worldwide leaders. If you are in United States, this platform support 51 states for job seekers.

You can attract the right candidates by using marketing techniques through online channels. With these new communication channels, you can hire new employees and pay only for those applicants who are more likely to join as your new team members.


Thanks to the internet, you can find several free and paid job posting sites to hire employees according to your business needs.

Hiring employees FAQs

✅ Where is the best place to hire employees?

Best job posting sites to find employees are:

1. Hiring Room.
2. LocalWork.com.
3. Indeed.
5. Facebook.
6. Linkedin.
7. Reddit.
8. ZipRecruiter.
9. Learn4Good.
10. Google for jobs.
11. Optnation.
12. Simply Hired.
13. Jobrapido.

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