Best Lawyers In Alabama Based On Their Practice Areas

Where you can find the best lawyers in Alabama when you are in troubled legal waters? Facing any sort of legal issue is stressful and that's when you'd want immediate legal advice.

While there are around 19,046 licensed lawyers in Alabama according to Alabama State Bar, to make easier for you the search of experienced legal counsel, we have compiled a large list of the best Alabama lawyers.

We are referring to those who have helped their clients through troubled legal, it doesn't matter if you are facing a criminal, personal injury, tax law or bankruptcy situation.

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Top Alabama attorneys who have helped their clients through troubled legal waters and you should consider

The following lawyers are part of the Alabama State Bar, and their awards make them trusted professionals.

1. Eric M. Wilson

Whether you need an attorney who helps you in collections situations or get relief through bankruptcy, then Eric M, who has over 24 years of experience and helping individuals in bankruptcy in Alabama, could provide you with a free consultation today.

  • Practice areas: Collections, consumer law & bankruptcy.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (205) 349-1280.
  • Address: 1902 8th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401.
  • Website:

2. Sandi Eubank Gregory

Do you need help with an uncontested divorce in Alabama today? If so, then contact Sandi Eubank.

  • Practice areas: Divorce & family law.
  • Free consultation: No.
  • Phone: (205) 536-6944.
  • Address: 1 Independence Plaza, Homewood, AL, 35209.
  • Website:

3. Jonathan D. Sooriash

If you have a business in Alabama and you're facing tax situtation, whether it be any dispute against the IRS or want to be compliant with the IRS, then Jonathan D. Sooriash, who belongs to the tax firm JDavidTaxLaw could be one of your tax lawyers in Alabama, since he helps his clients through troubled legal waters in tax law.

  • Practice areas: Tax audits, tax appeals, sales taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes, international taxes, income taxes, estate tax planning, criminal tax litigation, and business taxes.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (888) 619-0084.
  • Address: 633 W 5th St., Los Angeles, CA, 90013.
  • Website:

4. William Brooks Beckum

William Brooks is one of the best employment lawyers in Alabama, but who also masters construction and estate planning. Specially if you are in search of lawyers in birmingham, Alabama, then the Beckum Law LLC firm, could fit your needs.

Searching for lawyers in Alabama for wrongful termination? if you were fired illegally then get a free consultation now with Mr. William.

5. Mitchell John Howie

The National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys recognized Howie as one of top 10 criminal defense attorneys in Alabama under 40 years, as he proved being one of Huntsville’s best criminal defense attorneys.

So if you're a defendant facing a criminal lawsuit and look for the best criminal defense lawyer in Alabama, then get a free consultation with Howie.

  • Practice areas: Corporate law, criminal law, family law, juvenile law, military law, military divorce, personal injury law, wills & estates.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (256) 533-8074.
  • Address: 102 South Side Square, Huntsville, AL, 35801.
  • Website:

6. Cameron L. Hogan

Cameron Hogan belongs to Lloyd & Hogan, a law firm in Birmingham, AL, which has been recognized as the "Top Lawyers" in civil litigation by the Birminghan magazine.

  • Practice areas: Civil rights, education law, business law, employment law, family law, divorce, tax law, social security disability, nursing home abuse, insurance claims, antitrust law, and personal injury.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (205) 969-6235.
  • Address: 2871 Acton Road Suite 201, Birmingham, AL, 35243.
  • Website:

7. Christopher Belk Estes

If you have suffered personal injuries as a product of a car accident, need a former insurance defense lawyer in Alabama, or have been victim of malpractice by any healthcare professional, then you should give a look to Christopher Belk.

The Estes Law Firm not only has some of best medical malpractice lawyers in Alabama, it also provides you with 24/7 assistance for free case consultation.

  • Practice areas: Asbestos & mesothelioma, personal injury, nursing home abuse, insurance claims, products liability, and medical malpractice.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (251) 476-9009.
  • Address: 105 North Conception Street, Mobile, AL, 36602.
  • Website:

8. Kevin M Ryan

If you need legal assistance based on your financial situation, then Ryan Legal Services provides 24/7 assistance for free consultation to residents in Alabama.

Kevin Ryan has over 24 years of experience providing legal advice to individuals who are about getting a bankrup state.

  • Practice areas: Real estate law, personal injury, foreclosure defense, collections, and bankruptcy.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (251) 431-6012.
  • Address: 26520 S Holley St Unit C, Loxley, AL, 36551
  • Website:

9. Barbara H. Agricola

Barbara Agricola, also known as "Barbi", is founder of the full-service law firm in Alabama, Agricola Law. Specially if you've been in legal troubles such as DUI or DWI, then Barbi could be the solution to protect your rights.

  • Practice areas: Education law, DUI & DWI, domestic violence, civil rights, divorce, personal injury, criminal law, federal appeals, civil appeals, appeals & appellate, and family law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (334) 610-1064.
  • Address: 127 S. 8th St., Opelika, AL, 36801.
  • Website:

10. Bart Siniard

If you are a victim of personal injuries in Alabama and you haven't received yet your well-deserved compensation, then it's time to pick your phone and get a free case consultation with Siniard.

It doesn't matter if you are not located in Huntsville, AL, as long as you are in Alabama, you can get your assistance with Siniard, Timberlake & League.

  • Practice areas: Personal injuries, which include truck accidents, premises liability, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents and car accidents.
  • Free consultation: No.
  • Phone: (800) 804-2502.
  • Address: 125 Holmes Ave NW, Huntsville, AL, 35801.
  • Website:

11. Gregory S. Cusimano

Alabama tort law experts are what you'd want to reach out whenever you've been victim of medical negligence or damages in your body by the liability of a third party.

Gregory Cursimano has a reputable track record as a trial consultant in many cases, with a verdict of up to $3.68 billion.

  • Practice areas: Civil trials & general practice, serious personal injury and death, nursing home abuse and neglect, assisted living, trucking wrecks and products liability.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (256) 543-0400.
  • Address: 153 S 9th St, Gadsden, AL, 35901
  • Website:

12. Rafael Gil III

Rafael Gil III is the founder of The Gil Law Firm, a law firm in headquartered in Dothan Alabama. Rafael is a lawyer focused in bankruptcy cases, but his firm assist a wide range of personal injuries cases.

  • Practice areas: Chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, social security disability, personal injury.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (334) 344-5597.
  • Address: 111 Adris Place, Dothan, AL, 36303
  • Website:

13. Russell Wilson Crumbley

Russell deals with a wide range of cases in Huntsville and North Alabama. He's Partner at Crumbley-Blackwell & Associates, P.C., has been recognized with A+ by the BBB and as one of Top 100 trial lawyers.
By the way... if you need help with an uncontested divorce in Alabama think of him as a great choice!
  • Practice areas: Divorce & family law, personal injury, DUI defense, criminal defense and more.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (256) 539-4464.
  • Address: 2304 Memorial Parkway SW, Huntsville, AL, 35801.
  • Website:

14. William C. White II

William C is a lawyer recognized, rated with a score of 10 by AVVO and as one of top 100 trial attorneys.

He also has been the defense in high-profile corporate fraud cases, such as that of former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy.

  • Practice areas: Transportation law, corporate law, civil litigation and white collar crime.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: 205-403-5712.
  • Address: 1929 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, AL, 35203
  • Website:

15. William F. Prosch

William Prosch has over 50 years of experience managing law cases, but he's focused on probate state settlements.

  • Practice areas: Elder law, estate administration, estate planning, traffic tickets, probate.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (205) 795-2032.
  • Address: 300 Vestavia Parkway, Vestavia Hills, AL, 35216.

16. Steven A. Harris

If you need to carry out a divorce in alabama uncontested, or any other legal situation regarding to the family, then at The Harris Firm, you can find some of the best divorce lawyers in Alabama.

This law firm has offices across the State of Alabama in Alabaster, Anniston, Bessemer, Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Millbrook, Montgomery, Prattville, Pelham, Tuscaloosa and Selma, AL.

17. Gregory Andrews Cade

In the event you've been victim of chemical toxic exposure in Alabama, then an enviromental law expert is what you could need.

That's why Gregory Andrews, who is a certified mesothelioma trial lawyer in Alabama and its Environmental Litigation Group, could be your best allies in this particular case. Gregory has fought for the rights of individuals who were victims of toxic environment exposure for more than 20 years.

  • Practice areas: Asbestos & mesothelioma.
  • Free consultation: No.
  • Phone: (800) 749-9200.
  • Address: 2160 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL, 35205
  • Website:

18. Susan Michele Schaefer

Ms. Susan is resident of Prattville, Alabama, with over 30 years of experience, currently she is partner of the Cardea Law Group LLC and one of the best disability lawyers in Alabama.

  • Practice areas: Social Security disability, VA disability, Bankruptcy, as well as Wills and Estates.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (334) 440-6261.
  • Address: P.O. Box 681586, Prattville, AL, 36068
  • Website:

19. Whitney Polson

Whitney is a DUI & DWI defense lawyer in the State of Alabama with over 17 years of experience. He's co-founder of Polson & Polson, P.C.

20. Bill Hulsey

If you've started a business and you want to protect your brand, it's necessary to register a mark in the U.S, but starting in your local state.

Assuming that you are in Alabama, so you can to protect your intelectual property or brand, you need to find a lawyer in Alabama to carry out the procedures. For instance, Mr. Hulsey could be your ally in this case.

  • Practice areas: Patents, technology licenses and intelectual property(ip).
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (205) 666-6246.
  • Address: 420 North 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35203.
  • Website:

21. James Roy Moncus III

Mr. James is a trial lawyer who lives in Birmingham, AL, he's achieved several awards and is one of the best pro bono lawyers in Alabama.

22. Joseph Bradley Ponder

If you or a loved one has been victim of mass torts or need legal assistance with commercial & personal insurance policies in Birmingham, then Mr. Brad Ponder could be your legal advisor or legal representative, since he has over 14 years of experience and is recognized as top 25 class action attorneys.

23. Norma McCord Wells

Ms Norma is one of the best elder and family attorneys in Alabama, she also deals with estate planning cases and has over 16 years in the law career.

  • Practice areas: Business law, juvenile law, family law, divorce, probate administration, probate, wills, trusts, estate planning and elder law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (256) 486-3407.
  • Address: 1640 Blount Ave, Guntersville, AL, 35976.
  • Website:

24. Jeffrey G. Blackwell

Mr. Jeffrey deals with individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries. He's located in Huntsville, AL and has achieved a score of 10 by the Avvo rating as one of top attorneys worker's compensation.

25. Amber Yerkey James

Many people today used to face legal disputes with their spouse as a result of their children.

If that's your current situation, then you don't have to be alone in this problem.

The reason:

Ms. Amber is one of the best child custody lawyers in Alabama, but also she has a wide experience helping his clients to resolve divorces and helping parents with adoptions.

  • Practice areas: Family law, child custody, divorce, estate planning and property division.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (256) 824-9007.
  • Address: 2311 Market Place S.W., Huntsville, AL, 35801.
  • Website:

26. Katie Cameron O'Mailia

Ms. Katie is one of the best Alabama attorneys for family cases. and a great choice when searching for lawyers in Alabama for wills.

  • Practice areas: Wills and estate, domestic abuse, adoption, child support, custody, and divorce.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (334) 523-0661.
  • Address: 529 South Perry Street, Suite 18, Montgomery, AL 36104.
  • Website:

27. Laura Segers Fikes

Finding Alabama criminal lawyers could be necessary for you as long as you are facing a criminal charges in Tuscaloosa.

The good news is that Ms. Laura has a wide experience to protect you in terms of criminal law.

Are you facing a child custody issue? Ms. Laura could be your ally when it comes to find lawyers in alabama for child custody.

  • Practice areas: Appeals, wills, criminal defense, juvenile law, high asset divorce, child support, custody, and family law.
  • Free consultation: Yes.
  • Phone: (205) 239-6566.
  • Address: 1490 Northbank Pkwy, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35406.
  • Website:


Finding the right Alabama lawyer based on your legal issue, it's important to handle a stressful situation that can lead you to the loss of a high amount of money, your children or even land you in jail.

Fortunately there is more than one Alabama attorney who offers free legal consultation whether over the phone or a video conference.

Alabama lawyers FAQs

How much does a lawyer cost in Alabama?

According to Clio, the cost of a lawyer in Alabama ranges from $83 to $292 per hour.

How many attorneys are in Alabama?

There is a total of 19,046 licensed lawyers in Alabama, according to the Alabama State Bar.

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